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Ring Video Doorbell Promotion

Our Neighborhood Watch Chairman, Scott Strauss, spoke with an Account Manager at Ring Video Doorbell today. He is willing to give us an excellent deal on their three main devices. For the next 48 hours, he is willing to give us a $50 discount on the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Stick Up Camera ( If you are interested in this offer please comment, "interested" or like this post so we can see our participation level. This is the deepest discount Ring provides so let's all take advantage! We need 15-20 people to purchase for the code to be issued!


Alert! Coral Ridge Drive Break In Attempt

Another "Gypsy" type attempted break in occurred Friday July 27, 2012.  At approximately 4:30 pm a man described as a thin white male in his 60's with white hair and a white beard knocked loudly on the door at a home in the 1500 block of Coral Ridge Drive.  The resident husband answered the door. Continue reading

Video of Car Burglar

Unfortunately, we are continuing to have a problem with overnight unlocked car burglaries in the south end of Coral Ridge.  We had one on 13th Street in the early morning of May 27, and one on 21st Street in the early morning of May 31.  The good news is we have a video of the 21st Street suspect.  The car burglary on 21st Street occurred at 1:20 am.  The suspect appears to be driving a silver or white Dodge Caliber.  The video of the Continue reading

Knock and Wait Occupied Burglary on 29th Street

On Monday, May 14, an interrupted occupied burglary occurred on 29th Street in Coral Ridge.  At about 2 pm, a male got out of a black SUV and knocked on the front door of the victim's house.  The homeowner was home, did not answer the door, and called the police.  When there was no answer at the front door, the male went around to the back of the house and gained entry with a screwdriver.  The police interrupted the Continue reading

Car Burglaries on 12th Court

In the early morning hours of February 28, 2012, an unknown person rummaged through at least three unlocked cars on 12th Court, removed spare change and an iPhone charger, and left the car doors ajar (good thing it didn't rain that night).  Fortunately, no damage occurred.  Please remember to keep your car doors locked and don't keep any valuables in your car.  Finally, if you are out and about and see something suspicious, especially in the late night or early morning, please call the police.

Beware of Soliciting Workers

On February 14, 2012, one of our neighbors was a victim of two local gypsies.  Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, her story is below.  Although we are fortunate to have a relatively low crime rate in our area, we must remember to always be vigilant.  Know your neighbors.  If something doesn’t seem right, call 911.  If somebody knocks on your door you do not know, DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Follow these tips from the Fort Lauderdale police:

  • Ask for Identification, the name of their company and who their supervisor is.
  • Look up the number of the company, DO NOT use any number that the man or woman may provide.
  • When you discover that there is no such company or the company denied knowledge: CALL THE POLICE.

 Here is Bettie’s story:

Warning to the neighbors: Yesterday I had a home invasion even as I was being taken around the house by a “painter”. Continue reading