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The Coral Ridge Associations does many things to benefit our community.  We:

  • Represent
  • Beautify
  • Create
  • Protect
  • Impact
  • Inform

Represent Coral Ridge with the City of Fort Lauderdale

The Coral Ridge Association is recognized by the City of Fort Lauderdale as the official representative of Coral Ridge, and acts in that role by:

  • Being an active member of the Civic Association of Fort Lauderdale , and having a monthly report to announce current matters and issues
  • Successfully pressured the city manager and staff to replace the old canal cleanup boat with a new "Up to date" waterway cleanup boat.
  • Representing the Coral Ridge members in ongoing discussions regarding part time vacation rentals
  • Providing a forum for political candidates
  • Representing the interests of our neighborhood with the District 1 City Commissioner
  • Acting as a liaison with City Code Enforcement
  • Providing a channel to the City for our members to voice their wants and needs
  • Lobbing on behalf of Coral Ridge for any improvement funds being awarded thru Federal, State, County & City programs
  • Representing Coral Ridge interests with the Parks Department

Beautify our Neighborhood

The Coral Ridge Association is constantly working to improve the appearance of our community through projects such as:

  • Keeping the posts and landscaping at the entry ways beautiful and in good repair
  • Getting involved in canal cleanups
  • Maintaining our home values and desirable community features
  • Raising funds and applying for Neighborhood Improvement Grants (asphalt removal, sign posts, entry way signs, swale recovery, ect.)
  • Maintaining and beautify the entry points into Coral Ridge as well as five other landscaped areas
  • Plan and apply for funds with MPO projects (road, pedestrian, and bike lane improvements)

Create Community

  • Organize Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
  • Organize Children’s Holiday Party that includes Food & Entertainment
  • Joining with Coral Ridge Yacht Club for a year-end social
  • Encouraging residents to share their stories like Chuck's travel log in the Newsletter
  • General discussions we have on current and possible further problems that affect our neighborhood.
  • Coral Ridge residents have a Board that has their interests at heart and is working in their favor
  • Fostering a robust membership
  • Raising funds to pay for Association activities

Protect our Citizens

The Coral Ridge Association works with the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department by:

  • Receiving a monthly police report and statistics’ on crime in the City pass it on to Coral Ridge friends and neighbors
  • Hosting the Fort Lauderdale Police at meetings with them providing tips on how to minimize crime
  • Acting as a liaison with the neighborhood Police Unit
  • Requesting action plans and progress reports to address crime spikes
  • Slowing traffic with the aid of the police force and signs, throughout Coral Ridge and particularly on Bayview Drive. I especially like the little signs that light up and tell you your speed and whether it's over 30 MPH.
  • Represent concerns with the Transportation & Mobility Dept. regarding Traffic and road safety

Impact Development

The Coral Ridge Association impacts development in our community by:

  • Working with builders of other projects such as the retirement building on Sunrise and Seminole Drive
  • Established a strong representation of Coral Ridge in any proposed construction or traffic problems that affect the tranquility, safety, and property values of our members
  • Represent neighborhood interests when reviewing development proposals affecting Coral Ridge
  • Working with the Galleria builders group, including their attorney, to keep the Galleria improvements and changes within reasonable limits so that it doesn't become a monster

Inform our Residents

The Coral Ridge Association informs Coral Ridge residents of issues impacting our community by:

  • Publish a newsletter 5 times per year
  • Maintaining the Coral Ridge Website
  • Promoting NextDoor and joining discussions with accurate information
  • Maintaining an interactive Facebook Page

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