Knock and Wait Occupied Burglary on 29th Street

On Monday, May 14, an interrupted occupied burglary occurred on 29th Street in Coral Ridge.  At about 2 pm, a male got out of a black SUV and knocked on the front door of the victim's house.  The homeowner was home, did not answer the door, and called the police.  When there was no answer at the front door, the male went around to the back of the house and gained entry with a screwdriver.  The police interrupted the burglary and chased the SUV north until it crashed in the 4400 block of
Bayview Drive.  Two suspects fled the SUV on foot.  With the help of K-9, both suspects were apprehended, arrested, and charged with armed burglary of a dwelling, fleeing with an attempt to elude a police officer, and resisting an officer without violence.  As of this post, both suspects were being held at the Broward County Main Jail.  Great job Fort Lauderdale Police for catching the suspects!  Fortunately, the homeowner was not hurt.

Detective  Mandell of the Fort Lauderdale Police Public Information Office refers to these types of burglaries as a "Knock and Wait."  In Knock and Wait burglaries, the suspects will knock on the front door to see if someone is home.  If there is no answer, the suspects will go to the back of the house to gain entry.  The good news is that many Knock and Wait burglars do not want to burglarize an occupied home.  If you announce yourself through your locked door, the suspects will often make up a story and leave. The bad news is, unless interrupted by police, "Knock and Wait" burglars will often just keep going door to door in the neighborhood until they find a house where nobody is home.  Detective Mandell recommends the following crime avoidance tips:

  • Always keep your doors locked.
  • If someone knocks at your door that you do not recognize, get your phone and announce yourself through the locked door.  By simply saying "who is it" or "I'm not interested" you may prevent a burglary.
  • Never open the door for anyone suspicious.  Remember the burglars may send someone very innocent looking, including a female, to knock on your door.
  • If possible, look out your window and get a detailed description of the suspicious person, their vehicle, and their direction of travel.
  • Call the police about anything suspicious and give the description to the dispatcher.  By providing the police with a detailed description, you may prevent a burglary to one of your neighbors.

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