Beware of Soliciting Workers

On February 14, 2012, one of our neighbors was a victim of two local gypsies.  Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, her story is below.  Although we are fortunate to have a relatively low crime rate in our area, we must remember to always be vigilant.  Know your neighbors.  If something doesn’t seem right, call 911.  If somebody knocks on your door you do not know, DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Follow these tips from the Fort Lauderdale police:

  • Ask for Identification, the name of their company and who their supervisor is.
  • Look up the number of the company, DO NOT use any number that the man or woman may provide.
  • When you discover that there is no such company or the company denied knowledge: CALL THE POLICE.

 Here is Bettie’s story:

Warning to the neighbors: Yesterday I had a home invasion even as I was being taken around the house by a “painter”.

2 men involved:

The first man – maybe 5’7″ white (grungy) wearing dirty khakis, – rang my doorbell and started with “Remember me? I used to come to your house with my father when he was painting your home.” I didn’t remember him, but I fell for it.

I went around the house with him looking at things that might need painting. He stalled me out on the north side, trying to make me wait and look – while his buddy went around the house, entered through the back door. He got as far as my bedroom before I got extremely uncomfortable with Guy #1 and escaped back into my house. I surprised #2 in the front hall (huge black football player type), trying to get out through my locked door. I didn’t realize until bedtime he had made it to my bedroom. He did take a little pin that is precious only to me.

The nice friendly police officer told me this is the MO of a gang of “gypsies” who live in the area and have been doing this for years.

The officer warned never to deal; with friendly “painters” or “driveway pavers” or any uninvited job seeker. He urged us to call 911 – they want to catch them.

Next time these bums show up at my door, I plan to stall them, saying I have a list of work I want done please wait while I get my list, and call 911 while they wait at the door.

I hope this saves my neighbors from losing anything.

Let’s catch ‘em.


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