Alert! Coral Ridge Drive Break In Attempt

Another "Gypsy" type attempted break in occurred Friday July 27, 2012.  At approximately 4:30 pm a man described as a thin white male in his 60's with white hair and a white beard knocked loudly on the door at a home in the 1500 block of Coral Ridge Drive.  The resident husband answered the door.  The burglar explained that he was trimming trees next door and wanted to show the resident what he was going to do.  The resident and the burglar went into the back yard.

Meanwhile, an accomplice, described as a white male in his mid 40's standing about 5'10" with black hair and a stocky build entered thru the unlocked front door.  He then went upstairs and surprised the wife who scared him out of the house.  Fortunately the husband and wife were not injured and nothing was stolen.  The burglars took off in a black "Taurus-Type" car.  The paint was described as "sun-faded".

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