March 8th Board Meeting Review

Our board meeting started with the usual formalities, the call to order, pledge of allegiance, approval of meeting minutes, and the treasurer's report.  We had a great meeting about upcoming events, the new website, implementing another phase of the Coral Ridge  Bayview Drive Traffic and Beautification Master Plan, and improvements at George English Park.

Officer Tom Gestal from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department provided an update of community crime statistics and told us that if you see someone suspicious, call 911.  Officer Gestal also told us that if you are approached by Michael Goldwing or George Scott claiming to be with Legend Tree Service, or anyone telling you your trees have termites and must be cut today, do not go outside with them.  Call the police.  Office Gestal warned of distraction crimes in the City where one person gets you outside of your house while the other sneaks in your home unnoticed.  Remember these tips from the Fort Lauderdale Police when strangers knock at your door.  The great news is only one home burglary was reported  in January and none were reported in February.  Keep a watch out to keep our neighborhood safe!

Ron Laffey and Betsy Dow presented information on the Coral Ridge Association float in the Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 10, 2012.  To join in the parade with your neighbors, contact Ron.  More on Coral Ridge in the Parade here.

Betsy discussed the Coral Ridge Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for Saturday, April 7 at noon.  We are looking for an emcee for the event.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Betsy.

Christian Petersen presented the new Coral Ridge Homeowners Association website to the board and the group discussed plans to make this site a great portal for Coral Ridge information.

Brian Leary presented the Bayview Drive Traffic and beautification Report prepared for the Coral Ridge Homeowners Association in 2003 and approved by the City years ago as a community Master Plan.  We had a great discussion about applying to the City of Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program (NCIP) for matching funds to implement another phase of the plan.  Expect more discussion on this exciting project.

In parks news, Scott Tilbrook reported on the City's upgrading of the playground at George English Park.  The sand will be replaced with a new surface and a shade structure installed.  Stay tuned as this project progresses.

Steve Gillespie, our designated representative of the Ft. Lauderdale Council of Civic Association, reported that the City's NCIP program may be reduced in the future.  Therefore, this budget year is a good time to submit for funding.

Brian Leary of the Recycling Committee is still looking for volunteers for Saturday's Saint Patrick's Day Parade to sort recyclables from 11 am to 3 pm at the parade.  This is a great way for kids to get their school community service hours.

The meeting ended shortly after 9 pm with the doors being locked behind us.

Remember to spread the word to neighbors to subscribe to this website to stay up to date on Coral Ridge news and events that affect you and your neighbors!

See you at the April 26th General Membership Meeting.

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