Galleria Project Update – Presentation at Coral Ridge Association Meeting Cancelled

The presentation by the Galleria Mall scheduled for tonight at the Coral Ridge Association General Membership Meeting has been cancelled.  Based upon the overwhelming community response to the proposed project, I have been told that the project is unlikely to proceed in its current configuration.  Below is the statement from the Galleria Mall representative:

As I mentioned earlier, our client has spent several months over the past year developing a plan for a transformative project at the Galleria and we processed plans for this project with the City of Fort Lauderdale in September.   Since the initial presentation of the Galleria community plan, we have received a considerable amount of feedback about the plan.  We are currently evaluating all of the feedback, both positive and negative, and we are reevaluating several aspects of the Galleria plan.

At this point, it is unlikely that the Galleria plan will proceed in the current configuration and we will be considering refinements and improvements to the plan over the next few months.  Accordingly, we would like to re-schedule the presentation of the Galleria plan to the Coral Ridge Association.  We do not want to present a plan that is unlikely to proceed in the current configuration. Over the next few months, we will be working on refinements to the plan which address the issues raised over the past month- first and foremost of which is traffic.

Thank you again for the opportunity to make a presentation to the Coral Ridge Association, and we look forward to re-scheduling this presentation.

Accordingly, there will not be a presentation regarding the Galleria Mall Project tonight at our meeting.  However, the meeting will still go forward with the remainder of the agenda.

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