Galleria Project Open House: April 18, 22, and May 2

Thumbnail (144x105)The Galleria Mall has invited our neighborhood to three open houses to view a scale model of the revised Galleria Project, ask whatever questions you have regarding the Project, and individually address your concerns. A copy of the Open House Flyer is here.

The Open House is in the Galleria Mall Community Room (the back entrance to food court behind Sbarro's Pizza) on the following dates and times:

Saturday, April 18, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Wednesday, April 22, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday, May 2, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The developer has been active with the Coral Ridge Association to address our concerns. We encourage you to go see the Project plan and convey your concerns or support to the development team. Once you have reviewed the project, please contact me or any of your Board Members to convey your concerns or support, so we can follow up with the developer as an Association.

2 responses to “Galleria Project Open House: April 18, 22, and May 2

  1. I went to the open house to see the scale model of the Galleria project and talked with the traffic engineer and architect. The 38 story tower on the east side of the project is too high and sets a precedent for more buildings to be built at the same height. The 14 story Doubletree Galleria and Sunrise Harbor Apartments should be the allowed height.

    Traffic is a real problem. Their traffic engineer could not give me an estimated traffic count per day for the proposed 1200 units. The developers have proposed putting 3 roundabouts on Bayview Drive which tells me that they know the tremendous impact traffic will have on Bayview Drive. Residents trying to enter from east or west onto Bayview Drive are going to have even more difficulty.

    I would strongly recommend that the association hire a traffic engineer to do an estimate for us as residents. The developers traffic engineer will give numbers favorable to the developer and the city engineering department is working with the developer. We need an independent study.

    • Christian Petersen


      Thanks for going to the open house and posting your comments. Actually, the original project did not address anything on Bayview Drive north of Sunrise Blvd. When the project was first presented to the board, the developers asked about our concerns. One of our main concerns was that the project would increase traffic on Bayview Drive. We explained that we had a traffic study from 2002 that showed that the majority of traffic on Bayview Drive was cut though traffic, not local traffic. They asked us what we would like, and we shared with them the 2002 master plan for traffic calming paid for by our Association, as well as other traffic concerns. They have taken our master plan, and are putting together proposals for improvements on Bayview Drive to calm traffic. In cooperation with the City, there may be money available to finally implement our2002 master plan, with improvements, including the roundabouts they are discussing.

      In short, the developers had no plans for Bayview Drive, but are proposing these improvements at the request of the Coral Ridge Association. At our General Membership meeting this Thursday, we will be presenting all 8 of the proposed improvements to the membership, and asking the membership to vote on our order of preference. Whatever we vote on is what the developer will pursue with the City.

      More details will follow in a posting before Thursday night’s meeting.

      Regarding the traffic study, another traffic study is in the process of being done, and should be complete in the next 4 weeks.

      Thanks again for going to the open house and letting us know your thoughts!

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