April 26 Board Meeting Review

The General Membership meeting on April 26 was a success with a good showing of Coral Ridge residents.  Officer Tom Gestel of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department provided an update on crime.  Fortunately, there has not been an increase in crime over the last month and a half.  Unfortunately, our neighborhood still has the occasional residential burglary and home invasion distraction crime.  Remember, if anyone comes to your door posing as a city employee, landscaper, roofer, utility worker, seawall inspector, or other servicers worker you did not call, do not answer the door and call 911.  Also, if you see someone suspicious walking or riding a bike late at night, call 911.  Here are other crime prevention tips from the Fort Lauderdale Police.  Finally, you can see updated crime statistics at RAIDS Online.

Commissioner Bruce Roberts provided an update on the state of the City.  Overall, Fort Lauderdale is doing well and the City is on target for this year's budget.  In response to complaints, Commissioner Roberts is looking into a potential ordinance regarding box trailers for our zoning area (RS 4.4).  Finally, Commissioner Roberts is addressing our traffic concerns on three fronts: 1) a traffic count will occur on 26th Avenue; 2) the City staff is reviewing the Coral Ridge Association Master Plan and is looking for potential funding for some of the projects; and 3) he will look into what is required if the Association recommends reducing the speed limit on Bayview from 30 to 25 mph.

Jon Gundlach gave a presentation on the planned improvements to the playground at George English Park.  Although the size of the play area will be cut in half, the sand will be removed and replaced with astroturf.  In addition, the playground will receive some new equipment and a sun shade.  Unfortunately, the project has been placed on hold while soil borings are completed and analyzed.  Commissioner Roberts said he would look into the delay.  Overall, we are excited about these needed playground improvements.

Christian Petersen presented the new Coral Ridge Association website.  Since the update earlier this year, the site has received over 3,100 hits and is the number one site on Google for many "Coral Ridge" searches.  On the morning of the Easter Egg Hunt, the site received over 50 referrals from search engines from people looking for information about the Coral Ridge Easter Egg Hunt.  Finally, in less than 2 months, the site has acquired 79 followers.  Be sure to tell your neighbors to subscribe to our website for the latest Coral Ridge news.  Our goal is to get all of Coral Ridge's 2000 residences to subscribe.

The highlight of the night was Brian Leary's presentation of the Coral Ridge Master Plan and the resulting discussion.  After many great points raised by those at the meeting, a motion was made to combine both Proposal D and Proposal F as one project.  The motion was passed with overwhelming support.

Winning Project D

Winning Project F

The Association will move forward and apply to Fort Lauderdale's Neighborhood Capital Improvement Grant Program for matching funds for the combined Proposals.

Finally, for the Recycling Committee, Brian Leary talked about the next Fort Lauderdale Earth DayContact Brian to volunteer and earn recycling dollars for our community.

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