Membership Payment

Membership dues apply to a calendar year.  Currently, the Coral Ridge Association is accepting membership payments for 2017, and all payments made will apply to your 2017 membership.  Thank you for supporting your Coral Ridge Homeowners Association.
Please log in here for payment options.  If you are not currently a registered user, please click here to register, then return to this Membership Payment page to pay your annual dues.  Thank you. 

All financial transactions are made through PayPal.  The Coral Ridge Association does not collect or store any personal payment information. 

11 responses to “Membership Payment

  1. Want to mail check. Need Address to send to. thanks.

    • Christian Petersen

      You can mail your $50 check to:
      Membership Chairman, Coral Ridge Association, Inc.
      P.O. Box 11298, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339

      Thank you for your participation!

  2. Lawrence Bohannon

    How do I pay 2014 membership dues online ?

  3. madeline and ron denaro

    I assume this is meant as the 2014 dues..

  4. Now I am confused. The card for dues that I just received is for 2013?

  5. madeline and ron denaro

    tried paying on the PayPal link and it gives a notice that the link is not
    valid…are their problems?

    • Christian Petersen

      Madeline, we very much appreciate the heads up! As an all volunteer operation, we rely on our members and residents to point out issues.

      The issue is fixed and the link should take you to directly to PayPal. Thank you for supporting your association!

  6. madeline and ron denaro

    I am assuming that this payment is for 2017 dues even though your webpage states that all payments are for 2016.


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